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General Conditions

1. Your account

1.1 Conditions

Anyone may create an account on mundobil, whatever their age, gender, religion, place of residence…

He (or she) agrees that the information provided is correct and agrees not to use the site for inappropriate purposes. Any registration that violates these conditions runs the risk of being invalidated. Site managers are not required to justify delisting.

1.2 Sending information

Information on the evolution of the website will be sent to the email address provided. These shipments will however be very few (fewer than 10 per year) and of a reasonable size (normally less than 100 KB).

1.3 Additional information for members

Once you have created an account, you are deemed a member of mundobil and will benefit from additional information related to Playmobil®, gathered in the "More" menu.

2. The site

2.1 Care for its realization

The greatest care is brought to the realization of the site. However, let's be realistic, mistakes will always be there. We cannot be held responsible for damages that might result from these errors.

In addition, we are open to any corrections that you propose and your ideas for improvement.

2.2 No connection with geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG

This website does not belong to, is not operated, sponsored or authorized by geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG. This company does not sanction and is not responsible for this website or any information or link it contains, offers no guarantee, whether express or implied any information or link found on this website or any other linked website, is not bound by any of the statements appearing on this website or by those who own or operate this site Web. Brands remain the sole and exclusive property of their owners.

2.2 No link with the other mentioned sites

Other external websites mentioned on this site and pages on other websites to which links from this site point are not responsible for this website or its content. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage that other websites may cause you or the content of those sites.

3. General conditions of reference

The French version of the general terms and conditions of sale is the reference version. The other versions are only translations and are therefore given for information purposes only.